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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Errand Runners Boulder. As a reminder, this is not a business. It is simply a way of connecting those wanting to help with their nearby neighbors who need help.

Since we are in a constantly-developing situation, everything is subject to change. We understand that people's daily lives, travel plans, health etc. will be evolving. The service we are offering is extremely flexible and on an as-needed basis so please sign up even if you’re not sure what your life will look like in a week or two. We’re all in the same boat!


TRANSPORTATION: Your role as a volunteer will most likely involve trips to the grocery store and a way to bring those groceries to someone's home. 

GOOD HYGIENE PRACTICES: Our goal is to keep at-risk neighbors out of the places where they could most likely pick up COVID-19. To assist them in this effort volunteers should be able to:

  • Sanitize their hands upon leaving the grocery store

  • Sanitize their cell phones regularly and touch them as little as possible

  • Wear a mask (as recommended by the CDC) and avoid touching their faces in order to protect themselves as well as their neighbors

  • Notify Errand Runners (and stay home) if they sense any sign of sickness

  • Leave groceries on the doorstep of their neighbor and stand back six feet or more once the door is opened. 

HEALTH: Please only sign up if you are feeling healthy, are displaying no symptoms, have not traveled out of the country or come in contact with a sick person in the past 14 days, AND HAVE BEEN PRACTICING PHYSICAL DISTANCING (as described by the CDC).

REFERENCES: in hopes of protecting our neighbors, we are asking for two or more non-related work or volunteer experience references and their contact information.

TIME: to make a phone call, perhaps write down a grocery list and go to the store. Time to work out payment with a neighbor. Volunteers are typically contacted once per week to help with errands.

A GOOD ATTITUDE: to be patient, friendly and encouraging. 


Once you sign up, we will verify your references then contact you as requests in your neighborhood(s) come in. We’ll notify you of the request, and upon your confirmation, we will put you in touch with the delivery recipient with instructions.

Please Note: Our program is currently only serving Boulder County. To learn about starting something similar in your community visit our Other Cities page.

For questions, please contact us at or at


We look forward to better connecting you to your community.

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